HEPA Filtration

Homes today tend to be better insulated and sealed more tightly, meaning particles that enter your home likely stay there. Your air may be full of airborne pollutants and bioaerosols that can have an important impact on your family's health, but a High Efficiency Particle Air filtration system is capable of removing nearly all allergy-inducing contaminants. HEPA filtration is so effective, you will find the same technology used in hospitals and science labs as the systems are 99.97% effective at removing particles down to .3 micron in size.

A Healthy Climate® HEPA system is capable of removing nearly all allergy-aggravating contaminants, including some of the smallest particles and bacteria. Prefilter captures large dirt and dust particles. HEPA filter captures nearly all remaining particles and germs. Charcoal/carbon filter removes odors and chemical vapors. An optional carbon canister is available for enhanced absorption.


Healthy Climate High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Filtration System

HEPA Filtration HEPA Hospital-grade filtration performance

“True HEPA” means the system uses filtration that’s equivalent to MERV 16 and higher, 99.97% Efficient in removing the smallest particles that can be trapped in the lungs. The sealed design of the HEPA system prevents particles from bypassing the filter and recirculating in your home. An insulated cabinet prevents condensation. The Healthy Climate® HEPA system is designed for easy integration with all heating and cooling systems. And unlike standard one-inch filters found at retail home stores, it provides powerful filtration without restricting your system’s airflow.


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